Monday, October 31, 2022

Bless Everyone Making the Ultimate Sacrifice

Bless all the people around our Blue Pearl floating in space who are making the ultimate sacrifice for humanity at this time. The destruction of all the Old Order's institutions is happening before our eyes. Governments, "nations" (all of which are artificial and change over time), monetary, economic, dis-ease care, education, all of them are collapsing in real time.

The revolution is being televised (if you know where to look).

Bless the people of the area called "Ukraine" for making the ultimate sacrifice so that the evil which is NATO collapses and frees the people of the world from the constant fear porn used to control the masses.

Bless those who were fooled into taking "the jab(s)" based upon the 24x7x365 fear porn that streams across the propaganda device known as TeeVee. 

We all volunteered to be here at this time. Use your time wisely. Enjoy the ride.

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