Saturday, July 9, 2022

What are you here to learn?

We are told that there are some 8 billion humans on the planet at this time. What ever the number we know that there are many.

Each human also has a soul. The question then is which came first, the human or the soul?

The answer is the soul. The soul decides to incarnate, makes agreements with other souls to be the mother, father, etc. The soul also comes in to learn lessons for its own growth.

So what this means is the billions of souls have decided to incarnate on Earth at this time. Why?

Because Earth human existence at this time is such a great place to experience 3rd dimensional reality! Everyone has chosen to come here. Everyone has chosen to be a part of this chaos that we see all around us. 

In other words Earth is a school and right now it is a very popular school.

Your family, friends, colleagues are all your teachers. It is said that everyone is a mirror and we can see a part of ourselves in everyone we encounter. 

Each person is a soul just like you and I. Each is here to experience what it means to be human.Each is here to learn, to grow, to evolve.

What are you here to learn?

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