Tuesday, July 19, 2022

We All Need the Sun

Chemtrails are particles that are designed to refract and help block the sunlight from reaching Earth.

Plants need sunlight to survive through photosynthesis.

Animals, like humans, need sunlight to survive. Plants are a first derivative of sunlight and a good source. But plants also need good soil and water, both of which are also being destroyed on purpose through the use of poison chemicals and poor farming practices.

Sunlight also contains information. The Sun, like the Earth and all of the universe, is alive and conscious. The Sun is our "Logos" and transmits information to life on Earth. This information for humans is to upgrade our DNA, activate more of our DNA.

There is no "junk" DNA. We were originally designed as 12-strand DNA, multidimensional beings. The Human race was hijacked a long time ago and has been mind controlled for 100s of 1000s of years to the point that we have, using our own thoughts of fear, deactivated some of our DNA.

There are many souls coming to Earth to help us recover our DNA, our Purpose, our Path, back to being multidimensional beings. This is why our world is being torn apart now.

You are an eternal soul having a very brief physical experience. Relax, meditate, have fun, consciously think about how you can help humanity through love, kindness, good will towards others.

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