Sunday, July 3, 2022

How Do They Know?

The human body, all life really, is a community of cells. It is estimated by some that we have 100 Trillion cells and anywhere from 60-90% (I have read) are BACTERIA cells. 

So our body is mostly GERMS. The bacteria are concentrated under the skin and in the gut, aka The Microbiome. The bacteria initially comes from the mother during breast feeding. It makes sense with so many babies being fed formula that we have a massive epidemic in autoimmune dis-eases. Add in all the "vaccines" from birth and the body is easily overwhelmed with toxins.

So every second 100s of Billions of cells die and new ones are created. This starts with stem cells which then transform into other cells, bone, muscle, tissue, organ, brain, etc. 

How do they know which cell to become?

Well first each cell is "conscious." So our body is a "consciousness collective", a group of cells independent, each with a task, yet all working together trying to achieve homeostasis for the entire being.

Each cell also carries a small electrical charge, something like 0.7 volts. Thus our body is an electro-magnetic, biological, conscious collective. 

Since each cell is conscious, each cell is communicating. Since we now know that atom that are light years apart can react simultaneously when one atom is stimulated, called "non-locality", we know that information is carried through the "ether" instantaneously, not limited by anything such as the speed of light.

Since we also know from the ancients that "as above, so below" we can take this cell community concept further and apply it to the human race. The human race is a collective, a group of "cell" designed to work together to achieve homeostasis for the entire "being", in this case the being is the Earth human race. 

Somewhere along the way we lost our "connection" to Source energy, the energy or consciousness that created this universe. This means we lost our connection to each other and to ourselves. 

This explains much of our current mass consciousness, a consciousness rooted in fear, separation, violence, narcissism, etc. 

But this is changing. there is a groundswell happening and we can see it if we know where to look. There are a lot of healers coming to the human race at this time to help with the transition that is happening. The transition is from the Old Earth (fear, separation, etc.) to the New Earth, one rooted in love, compassion and cooperation. This transition will not happen overnight but it is happening. 

The healers coming here are coming with a "knowing", many are coming in "awakened", others are having an "awakening" but it is happening in large numbers. 

They just know. They know their purpose. They know what they have to do.

It is time for everyone to look inward, to be still, to reconnect with their higher self and Source. 

The time is now. Now is all we have.

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