Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Healing the Earth Body


The world is being run from the shadows. The Evil has many faces that we see such as Gates, Soros, Fauci, etc. Now Klaus has come out from the shadows.

The goal of many on the evil side is to create the AI-driven, quantum computing run, nanotech inserted controlled technocracy. China is the model for this. Another word for it is "transhumanism."

What does the average person do? First, know that you are god, sovereign and free. State it every day. The universe and the "white hat" ETs that are helping us hear you. The universe, the Earth, the Sun, everything is conscious.

Second, we have to heal our "earth bodies." This is the lower chakras (root, sacral and plexus). These are what are under attack all day, every day.

The Root chakra is survival. Hoax virus, food shortages, energy shortages, etc. all designed to create fear and put us into survival mode. When humans are in survival mode, they are easily controlled and are unable to contemplate their existence and their spiritual evolution.

The Sacral chakra is relationships, creativity, sex. Social distancing, masks, us vs them, abortion, vasectomy all attack the Sacral chakra. Humans are social creatures. We need social interaction, touch, hugs, physical love and affection. A lot of loving energy is transferred and shared during these acts.

The Solar Plexus chakra is identity, will power, personal power. Transgender, pronouns, victimization, lots of label all designed to confuse our identity especially of the children, as they are the ultimate target. Some of this is due to souls coming in to explore one side or the other deeply and this is natural but there is a big push from the Evil side to confuse as many as possible. The intention is the key. 

We have both masculine and feminine energy in us. This is how we are designed. We have been living in a masculine energy dominated world. The goal is to balance the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine in us in Sacred Marriage. 

We are also designed to live from the heart. We are emotional beings first, mental beings second. The mind is a great slave but a lousy master. Our emotions are our guidance system. When we are experiencing low energy emotions such as fear, shame, guilt or despair we are disconnected from Source energy, from our Higher Self, from the consciousness that birthed us and this universe.

We have given our power over to elected and mostly unelected bureaucrats, elite, uber-wealthy who are making more and more rules that limit our personal and spiritual evolution. They are practicing "service-to-self" and usually can be classified as psychopaths meaning they can hurt and kill others with no remorse and no empathy. Heal yourself first. Live each day with intention. Practice "service-to-others". We have to uplift ourselves before we can uplift others. There are many tools out there to help you. I use a program titled Chakra7 from Carol Tuttle.

Then plant a veggie garden, urban, community gardens. We have to get back to the Earth. Tell Mother Nature how beautiful she is. Then listen for the response. Feel the response in your heart. 

You are an eternal soul, a spiritual being having a brief human 3D existence. Enjoy the ride.


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