Thursday, June 30, 2022

Why Are We Here?

 Humans have to learn why we are here. it is to grow spiritually, to rediscover who we really are. we are spiritual beings having a brief human experience.

We have for 1000s of years been led to believe that there is only the material world when in fact there is no material world. everything is made up of energy and light. the material world is an illusion.

This idea of working and doing and collecting stuff is changing. the younger generations of indigos and star seeds are forging the path to the New Earth. it will take 100 or 200 years but humans will get there.

A new 5D grid is being put in place to replace the old, dead 3D grid that we have been trapped in for 1000s of years. mother Earth has moved into a higher vibratory space in the galaxy. those of us who do not raise our vibration will be left behind. that is why so many souls are choosing to leave the planet at this time.

Yes souls choose to leave when they are ready. you are mostly formless, with a soul, a higher self, that you can connect to when you wish. try it some time.

There is a dark side that is trying to keep humanity trapped in the 3D lower vibration. you have to stop playing their games, the game of separation, the game of materialism. the transhuman agenda is a part of this. blocking out the sun is a part of this. social media is a part of this. abortion, child sacrifice, child trafficking are all parts of this death culture.

We do have to come to grips with death as death does not exist. you are eternal. there is only transformation, from formless to form and back to formless.

Get in touch with your true self. get quiet inside so that you can speak with your true voice.