Friday, May 14, 2021

The First Stick Needed to Fuel the Fire of Happiness

The Lessons of the Sticks
The First Cycle of the Moon
Realize That I Am the Most Special Thing Ever Created
The First Stick Needed to Fuel the Fire of Happiness

Since long before the sun rose in the sky and even before Wakantanka created the womb of Mother Earth in which we live, there has never been anyone exactly like me. No person in the past has had exactly my characteristics, my personality, or my abilities. No one has ever grown at the same rate, learned the same things, or wondered about life in the same way I have. Nor is there any worry that anyone ever will, because I can’t be duplicated in the future. My place in history is secure because no one will ever be the same as me.

I am the most special thing ever created.

Why am I so special? Because I have things that no one else can ever have. I am unique in this world, and no warrior or chief or common man can ever lay claim to the things I have. I alone have my thoughts and hopes. I alone have my beating heart, my stamina and my love of life. Can anyone else lay claim to my dreams? Can anyone else love like me? Is there anyone who sees exactly the same color I do when I look at a budding flower? Has anyone ever heard the howl of a coyote with exactly the same pitch? Will anyone ever be able to duplicate my deeds and actions? No, I know these things are mine and mine alone. How can I not be happy with these thoughts in my heart and in my soul?

I am the most special thing ever created.

Because I am the most special thing ever created, I am valuable. Like a diamond, I am rare and beautiful. I am worth more than anything in the world. What good is money when compared to me? No money could ever buy my thoughts. What good is fame when compared to me? No amount of fame can make me more special. What good is any earthly item? None can be traded for me. My happiness is secured by this knowledge.

I am the most special thing ever created.

I know I shouldn’t waste my life. I am here for a purpose. I am here to grow in wisdom. I am here to love all things. I am here to honor Wakantanka. How can I do these things? I can begin by being happy. I can be happy if I realize I am the most special thing ever created. If I am
so special, I can surely smile with pride at who I am. I can be happy. I will be happy-I am happy.

I am happy because I am the most special thing ever created.

From the book Lessons of a Lakota by Billy Mills


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