Thursday, June 4, 2020


“I am going to pose a very serious question to our village, and county government. I have shut my business down for over 2 1/2 months now. The governor has imposed all sorts of mandates in order to open back up. He has kicked the goal post down the road multiple times. As you know, chaos is happening all over our state. Riots, protests, and looting are taking place. Our own governor came out and said he stands behind the protestors. They are being allowed to march elbow to elbow all day long. No social distancing, many are not wearing masks. Our governor is standing behind them 100%.
How is it that I have to keep my business closed and destroy my livelyhood but this is allowed to happen and is encouraged? I know I am friends with many of you, so I know you can read this post. Unlike Cuomo who gives us no notice. Unlike Cuomo who goes back on his word of "phase" openings, I will give you, the elected officials until Friday at noon to give me an answer as to why it is not only ok but promoted and gleefully accepted to be out in the streets, in the thousands rioting , disrupting traffic, destroying property, putting people's lives at risk but I can not open my legally licenced business. If an answer is not given, I will be opening up my business. No masks, no social distancing, no 50% capacity. I will no longer allow my constitutional rights to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness be trampled on.
I will no longer allow my business to be discriminated against while others break the law. A line has been drawn here. I ask ever single small businesses owner who has had enough to join me and stand up for our rights. It is time to do our own protesting and take back our rights and small businesses.”

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