Monday, April 6, 2020

What can I do today?

I have been asking myself this question for a couple of days now. I have learned a lot about viruses and more about the human body in the last few weeks. I believe that I understand what is going on here and it is not what we are being told. However 

I cannot control it.
I cannot change it.
I cannot fix it.
I cannot solve it.

What I can do is work on myself every day. I can

Live in love not fear as they are mutually exclusive
Keep my heart open
Practice loving kindness to all
Manage my thoughts and emotions
Align with my soul's true purpose and divine essence
Continue my ascension practice (which is much of the above)

Ascension from this 3D reality is the goal. What this means is that I want this to be my last incarnation on Earth in a 3D human body. We are in an ascension cycle and some of us will reach the point where we can ascend to higher dimensions and densities, meaning we can move closer and closer to becoming formless and light bodies. 

We are eternal souls. We are extensions of Source energy, Divine Spirit, God.

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