Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Love and Peace

We do daily meditations/healings at home and yesterday's was on the topic of Love and Peace.

For me, it is love in all its many manifestations starting with self-love. Without loving ourselves we cannot truly love another. Loving ourselves leads to things like self-care, self-worth and self-respect. Love starts in the heart. The goal is to just BE LOVE.

For me, peace means to be at peace with our world. Every day things happen that we cannot control. We must learn to be at peace with it all. By practicing self awareness, being aware of our thoughts, focusing on loving thoughts, we can be at peace with everything and everyone. The goal is to just BE PEACE.

I then took these and created a third using Love + Peace = Harmony.

Here we want to be truly in harmony with our inner and outer worlds. Being in harmony means to perform the harmony notes while someone else performs the melody. We want to be in harmony with everything we can be, the melody of others. We start with getting our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies in harmony. All of us have had trauma in our lives and we carry a lot of emotion around in our bodies. We need to remove this and it takes a concerted effort and time. Western allopathic medicine wants to just numb the pain. We need to get in there and remove it.

Another aspect of being in harmony is with our outer world. We are witnessing an extraordinary time on the planet, a time of great upheaval that is part of a larger process of moving humanity forward. Most people cannot see this yet but it is happening.

One of the practices I am working on is to stop absorbing facts, to stop gaining more knowledge of this situation and instead to practice wisdom.

When we know things from facts and knowledge we are coming from the mind and the ego. We think that we know the truth when we know all the facts. We then get into debates and arguments with others because they think that they know all the facts, have all the knowledge, and know the truth.

What is missing from this is that we do not know OUR TRUTH. Each of us has our own truth, our own understanding and we need to be more in touch with this. The key to this is to understand that we will not know our truth from our mind, from knowing or from knowledge. We WILL FEEL OUR TRUTH. This is the definition of wisdom. We feel the truth, not know the truth.We feel it in our body, our heart and our soul.

Wisdom is that which allows us to be in doubt. To accept that there is no certainty in our 3D world. To be surprised by everything, attached to nothing and just roll with it all.

To circle back, when we see everything from love, there is no judgement, no attachment, we have achieved wisdom.

The wise ones ask "what is your perspective of truth? What is true to you?"

Signed, a work in progress. 

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