Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Going Inward Further and Further

As this unnecessary self-imprisonment continues, we continue to go inward. No cable news, no TV, no following the statistics. All that does is feed the fear which is what the controllers of our society want and need.

No, going inward is allowing us to get more and more in touch with ourselves, in touch with our "higher self", and in touch with each other on a soul level. It is beautiful to be in touch with a beautiful woman on a soul level.

As I continue to do breath work every day I have realized that the breath work is the second most important thing that I can do for my own health and well-being. The oxygen gets carried out of the lungs and to all parts of the body by the blood. If this oxygen input and delivery system is not working optimally, the body cannot operate optimally.

We can take all the vitamins and pills we want, but first the body has to be functioning optimally. I used to take 40 vitamin pills a day and am now down to 8-10 and that will continue to decrease during 2020. The one thing that I will continue to take orally is amino acids, as amino acids are the basic building blocks of the body.

I wrote that breath work is the second most important thing that I can do. What is the most important? Manage my thoughts. Our thoughts are what are used to co-create our reality in this universe. The universe will work with us to co-create what we think about.

So think loving thoughts, speak loving words, feel loving feelings. Know that all this will pass and that we can and will co-create a better world. A peaceful, joyous, loving world.

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