Saturday, April 4, 2020

Emotional Competence

Today’s lesson was in Emotional Competence. To build inner Coherence, and ultimately find harmony with the world as it exists now, the first major task is to improve our emotional competency. Emotional Competence refers to one's ability to express or release one's inner feelings and emotions in positive or productive ways. It allows the ease to communicate with other people, the ability to face stressful challenges without indulging in destructive behaviors, and determines one's ability to effectively and successfully self-lead and communicate in social situations. Emotional Competence is an essential social skill to recognize and interpret, including the capacity to respond positively to emotions in ourselves and others. Emotional competence creates an increased energetic coherence, as well as improved health, through avoiding stress that comes as the result of suppressed emotions. It leads to improved relationships since destructive emotions are far less likely to be expressed, while appropriate communication is not avoided through unhealed fears of triggering some unwanted emotion. We all can learn to free ourselves from anger, hate, resentment, vengeance, and other destructive emotions that cause hurt and pain.

In today’s global environment it is imperative that we learn Emotional Competence. We are bombarded daily from all sides by fear being used as a weapon to weaken the body, mind and spirit. It is Mind Control. Now is the time to free ourselves from this mind control. This is the real shadow work. 

We must refuse this fear and remain in a state of love. Love for all things and all people. In order to do this we must go inward. Projecting our fears and beliefs will not work. We must clear out our subconscious programming. We must lose the fear of death as there is no death. Only transition back to where we came. 

We are eternal souls.

We are extensions of Source energy, the Divine Spirit, God.

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