Wednesday, March 25, 2020

The Consciousness of a Virus

Everything in the universe has consciousness as consciousness is the creator of all things. There is individual consciousness and collective consciousness. Humans have both as do plants and animals, the cells in our body, bacteria and viruses, etc.

In the video below, Sadhguru says "man is the only species that wants to destroy his habitat."

A virus cannot survive without a host. Viruses do not want to destroy their habitat or they would destroy themselves. That is not how Mother Nature works. Nature is cooperative.

We all have viruses in us and around us. If you were to get blood drawn you would find various viruses inhabiting your body. They do not harm you unless you are weak physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually.

The human mind/body/spirit can withstand much more than a virus when it is taken care of properly. Understand how to live with viruses, with nature, with your thoughts because this is only the beginning.

You are an eternal soul, an extension of Source, Divine Spirit, God.

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