Friday, March 20, 2020

Love or Fear?

Love or Fear?

All thoughts are energy. Energy cannot be destroyed it can only change frequency.

All thoughts converge with similar thoughts, similar frequency, and diverge from opposite thoughts, opposite frequency.

Thoughts of love converge with other people's thoughts of love and create a stronger energy wave of love. Thoughts of fear converge with other people's thoughts of fear and create a stronger wave of fear. The stronger of these two waves will weaken the other.

Humans are designed as social animals. We are tribal. Separatism is not healthy for us and feeds the fear. Shame is the lowest vibrational emotion and when we were expelled from the tribe in shame it was the worst form of punishment.

Fear is another low vibration emotion. Fear weakens the immune system allowing dis-ease to consume the human body. The human body is a self-healing machine but needs love to be strong and to heal. The body cannot fend off dis-ease nor heal when experiencing fear.

If you believe in this new idea of social distancing than you are feeding the thoughts of fear and strengthening the fear wave. The human race will not heal with fear. The planet will not heal with fear.

Fear is the opposite of love. What will you practice today?

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