Tuesday, December 3, 2019

I Saw That It Was Good

He startled me as he darted from a small tree to the ground for a few seconds and back to the tree.

Parked to my immediate right was a small, attractive, bright red sports car.....a convertible, yet! It was a beautiful tribute to modern engineering and creative ability, but it couldn't compare with the Creator's creature.

The cardinal was vibrant, alive; in freedom he was able to fly, to investigate, to care for his young family, to live the life lovingly given him. His bright red color was even a distraction for the female's protection.

The convertible "red bird" looked like fun, but was no match for the beautiful bird.

Perhaps in those few seconds of comparison, I was being reminded that too often I take God's creation and love for granted. Sometimes the shiny, enticing "things" of this world draw us in and we miss the real beauty all around us.

Maybe I should take up bird-watching!

Betty Ann Leavitt

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