Saturday, December 28, 2013

The IBM Experience

I worked as an employee for IBM for 5-6 months this year. It was a good experience although not very challenging. I had a nice manager which always helps.

I left at the end of September. Turns out IBM overpaid me and asked me to pay some back. I ended up getting 5 threatening letters with 3 different repayment amounts. Two of the letters did not itemize the details of the overpayment and they arrived on consecutive days. Then it took multiple phone calls with someone in India to get another, hopefully final, itemized account.

At the same time that I received the last letter with the itemized details I received another check from IBM. Get this - the check is for $0.01. One penny! How much did it cost IBM to process and print a check for one penny? Of course this amount does not show up on the other letters with the itemized detail. Of course the check is dated 2 days later so this fiasco may not be finished yet.

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